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Criminal Defense in Estonia. Before and after.

Radziwill Law Office aims to protect its clients from state pressure, unfounded accusations and restrictions of rights and freedoms. From the very beginning, together, we shall formulate a strategy, collect and provide evidence to the body conducting criminal proceedings and strive for the most favorable outcome of the case.

Although getting a defense attorney is recommended in the early stages of criminal or misdemeanor investigations, the assistance of a lawyer may be indispensable in any procedural action, be it interrogation, appealing a sentence, a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights, or even writing a petition for clemency.

The services provided by the Radziwill Law Office include (among other things):

Participation in interrogations
Preparing and submitting complaints and applications
Negotiating plea bargains
Defense in pre-trial and court proceedings
Acquisition of evidence
Appealing court decisions and judgments
Reviewing criminal oversight reports
Post-trial matters (release on probation, parole etc)