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Achievements of 2021-2023

50 criminal charges dismissed or dropped
(before reaching the court)
3 acquittals
(1-22-2914, 1-20-8901, 1-20-3209)

3 judgments without punishment
(4-21-2655, 4-21-2584, 4-21-2576)
2 sentences below minimum
(1-22-3127, 1-22-2677)

2 extraditions prevented
9 enforcements of imprisonment prevented
5 releases on parole
(1-21-7370, 1-21-6968, 1-21-3280, 1-20-6814, 1-18-1926)

Do you need a criminal lawyer?

Professional counsel is required when a person falls into the hands of state authorities, as his/her health, way of life, property, career and family relationships are jeopardized.

The sooner a lawyer is involved, the better the chances

When it comes to communicating with Estonian authorities, a suspect's demeanor will determine the extent to which rights and freedoms will be limited. In the long run, the chances of a positive outcome of the case are directly affected.

For this reason, one cannot hesitate and needs to get a lawyer involved immediately.

Further legal aid

Even if the trial is over and the court decision has entered into force, a lawyer can still provide invaluable help and support:

Release on parole

An attorney significantly improves the chances of getting released on parole and probation (with or without subjection to electronic surveillance).

Probation officer's reports

When examining failure to comply with supervisory requirements, a lawyer can help avoid the enforcement of imprisonment.

Release from punishment

A lawyer can apply for release of a client from bearing punishment due to the state of his health.